Marlene Farrell – Acting Chief

Marlene Farrell

Acting Chief
St. George’s Indian Band
Band Council

St. George’s Indian Band
P.O. Box 262
St. Georges NL

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Marlene Farrell was born in Stephenville Crossing, NL, the daughter of  Walter and Ulva Gallant.  She was raised in the community of St. George’s and lived on Steel Mountain Road.  She joined the St. George’s Indian Band in 2003.  She is a retired school teacher who taught school in the Bay St. George area for the last thirty years.

Marlene is very interested in the cultural activities of the Mi’kmaq People.  She would like very much to learn to sing Mi’kmaq chants and drumming.  She has always taken part in the school’s and the Indian Band’s Aboriginal Day Celebrations.

Marlene is a member of NAWN (National Aboriginal Women’s Network) and is presently involved in a series of workshops entitled “Breaking Barriers and Building Strong Minds”.  She will be attending a total of ten workshops dealing with such issues as “Bullying”, “Date Rape”, “Sexual Abuse”, etc.  Upon completion of these workshops, she will become a part of a team that will bring information back to our communities.

Marlene volunteers her time to many causes as well as to the St. George’s Indian Band, helping out with the yearly Elder’s Feast, Mummer’s Dance, etc. and at present, she is responsible for issuing Band Cards to the members of the St. George’s Indian Band.

Marlene resides in St. George’s and is married to Allan Farrell of St. George’s and they have two children:  Jonathan and  Tracy Lynn.

Her personal goal for next year is to join the local drumming group and learn how to drum and sing our native chants.

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Our spiritual grounds are located in different areas: Steel Mountain, Mendueuge (Devil’s Place), Calvary Hill, Hell’s Gultch, Hungry Grove, Seal Rocks, Molly Ann’s Cove, and the Mouth of Barachois.


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