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Mide-Wiigwas – The Eight Pointed Star

The Eight Pointed Star

The Eight Pointed Star has been a symbol of the Mi’kmaq People for centuries. It is a symbol for the sun which is a powerful figure in traditional spiritual life. Early missionaries remarked on the great spirituality of the Mi’kmaq as they would salute the sun at sunrise and sunset.

It has countless variations. It has been found as a petroglyph tracing on a rock site in Bedford, NS, dating back more than 500 years. It appears as a common design motif on 19th century quillwork, and today continues to enjoy widespread popularity.

Our people pray at Sunrise and then again at Sunset because they believe that the conditions are perfect at these times of day for communication with the spirit world and with the Creator.

The Star (all shapes of stars including the eight pointed star) “Wasoq” represents the Spiritual Light of the Universe that guides and protects our people, our land, and our Nation.

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