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Mide-Wiigwas – Sacred Bundles

Sacred Bundles

Many First Nations people who follow their Traditional Teachings will have sacred items to help guide them.

A Sacred Bundle consists of one or many sacred items. It can be the little medicine pouch that someone wears around their neck or it can be the items that the spirits have given to a person to carry for the people.

Personal Bundles

You have a personal bundle that you have built with items you have gathered and that you take care of. This bundle is sacred to you. It contains items that help you in your personal development; it contains items that have given you a teaching and that you use in ceremonies. Maybe your parents or grandparents or an Elder gave you something to help you on your path. All the contents of your bundle relate to you.

Your personal bundle may include medicines, your drum, a bowl, a rock, your colors, a feather, a staff, a rattle, and your pipe. You may also carry a clan marker, something that represents your clan, such as a bear claw, if you are of the Bear Clan. Tobacco is always first in your bundle. These items remind us of the beauty of Creation.

Bundles For The People

The bundles for the people are used for healing and ceremonies. It is said that these bundles contain things that the Nations need to survive. The Healers who carry the medicine bundles say they do not own these bundles. They say that our people’s understanding is that we do not own anything, not even our physical body which is given back to the earth when we die. They carry these items as gifts for the people. The Healers who take care of these bundles have been chosen by the spirits to carry on the teachings, the work and responsibilities that come with these bundles.

Sacred Bundles are taken out at certain times of the year. Others keep them in the bundle until they are ready to use them in a ceremony. Some leave their feathers out as these may have been given to them to create calmness in the home.

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